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講演者: 杉山 大介 (九州大学 次世代医療研究開発講座 教授)

演題: Bioactive SL-13R peptide expands human umbilical cord blood hematopoietic stem cells and maintains long-term reconstitution ability


日時: 12月19日(火※) 17:00-18:00※

会場: 発生医学研究所1階 カンファレンス室



Hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplantation is a curative treatment of hematological disorders that has been utilized for several decades. Although umbilical cord blood (UCB) is a promising source of HSCs, the presence of an insufficient number of HSCs in these preparations limits their use, prompting need for ex vivo HSC amplification. To establish a more efficient method to expand UCB HSCs, we developed the SL-13R peptide and cultured UCB CD34+ cells with peptide in serum-free medium containing a cytokine cocktail. Following 9 days of culture with peptide, the number of total cells, CD34+CD38 cells and hematopoietic colonies significantly increased relative to control cells grown without peptide. Transplantation of these cells into immunodeficient NOD/Shi-scid/IL-2Rγ knockout mice confirmed that they possess long-term reconstitution ability. To understand how the peptide promotes HSC expansion, we identified X and Y proteins as peptide interactors and undertook loss-of-function analysis to determine whether either was required for peptide function in our culture system. X knockdown UCB CD34+ cells cultured with peptide showed a decreased number of hematopoietic colonies relative to peptide-treated, non-knockdown controls. By contrast, Y knockdown had little effect in the presence of peptide. This work suggests that X functions in HSC expansion promoted by SL-13R. In summary, we have identified a novel peptide promoting expansion of UCB CD34+ cells with long-term reconstitution ability. Its use may facilitate clinical use of UCB HSCs.


担当分野: 幹細胞誘導 江良(内線:6587)

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