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Approved as HIGO Cutting-Edge Seminar


HIGO Cutting-Edge Seminar


  1. Some Seminars not approved before would be approved as HIGO Cutting-Edge Seminar.

As you know, so far, “Liaison Lab Seminar”, “Medical & Life Science Seminar”, “Learning from Experienced Doctors Seminar” have been approved as HIGO Cutting-Edge Seminars.
Now some other Life-Science-related seminars could be approved when you submit the attached proposal form to HIGO Office.



1.Fill out the form(Request for Approval).

2.Ask the seminar host tutor to fill in the row No.4 on the form, and put her/his seal or signature.

3.Submit the filled-out form to HIGO Office

→When approved, the attendance will be counted in.


Liaison Lab Seminar

Medical & Life Science Seminar/Learning from Experienced Doctors Seminar


2.Attendances and reports during Basic (Master) Course can be counted in to the ones of Advanced (Doctoral) Course

Cutting-Edge Seminar Ⅱof Doctoral Course requires more than 45 attendance and more than 9 reports, as you know, HOWEVER,

Attendance (up to 15) Reports (up to 3) during Master Course can be counted in to Cutting-Edge Seminar Ⅱ.

NO NEED to submit any particular documents/forms.


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