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【Extend】Guidance on Social and Cultural Scinces

※The briefing is extended to other day.
Guidance on Social and Cultural Sciences


A person who falls under any of the following are require to attend.
・New student
・Who entered Career Vision Development Corse in April 2016.
・Who is taking Career Vision Development Corse following last year.
Students who already finished Career Vision Development Corse are no need to attend.


Please note that there’s some change about procedure of taking Career Vision Development Corse from this year.


【Date and Time】15th April (Fri) 10:30a.m.
【Venue】Conference Room  1st Floor on the  IMEG
1. 10:30~10:45 Procedure of taking Social and Cultural Sciences corse and progress report
2.10:45~11:00 Social and Cultural Sciences
3. 11:00~11:15 Public Policy
4.11:15~11:30 Technology and Organizational Management
5.11:30~11:45 Cross-cultural Communication
6. 11:45~12:00 Questions and Answers


◆Principles of Social and Cultural Sciences
Students of basic corse, 4-year corse are required to attend.
Starts May 6


◆Career Vision Development Corse
All students of Advanced corse, 4-year corse after getting credit in
principles of Social and Cultural Sciences.
6 of 2 following subjects sould be taken.
・Public Policy I・II、
・Technology and Organizational Management I・II、
・Cross-cultural CommunicationI・II
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