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Governmental Seminar


Speaker:   Hidefumi Nakamura (National Center for Child Health and Development)

Title: Recent Progress of Pediatric Drug Development in Japan, EU and the US




Date&Time: 2 Nov.(Thu.) 2017, 13:15-14:45
Venue: Lecture room (3F), General Medical Research Building



Children need drugs and dosage forms suitable for them. However, in many cases, drugs for adults are used to children in Japan. Pharmaceutical companies have little incentive to develop pediatric drugs and medical drug lag is also seen as a social problem in Japan. EU and the USA have law that mandates the pediatric drug development. The law also helps to develop the drug for neonate. Japan is also taking several efforts to promote the pediatric drug development and industrial-academic-government collaboration is being established. By presenting pediatric drug development in EU and the USA, infrastructure (for pediatric drug development) in Japan and the latest environment surrounding the drug development systematically, this lecture will examine how we should promote the pediatric drug development.





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