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Governmental Seminar


Speaker:   Yoshiteru Yano (Chief of Health Promotion Section, Department of Welfare and Health, Miyazaki Prefecture)

Title: Analysis of national and local governments’ health and medical administration policies from an administrative doctor’s perspective




Date&Time: 16 Nov.(Thu.) 2017, 13:15-14:45
Venue: Lecture room4 (4F) Medical Education & Library Building



After working at municipal hospital as a clinician, I entered Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and undertook variety of administrative challenges concerning health and medicine as an administrative doctor. The increasing diversification and complexity of social structure, aging population combined with the decreasing birthrate, population drain, social polarization, and labor shortage require us to enhance intersectional coordination among health, medical and welfare fields to tackle emerging challenges. Based on my experiences as an administrative doctor, in this seminar, I will present an overview of challenges of social security system in Japan and talk about the attractiveness to engage in health and medical administration, its future prospect, the ideal personnel and attitude needed in the field.



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