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Business Seminar


Speaker: Michikazu Iseri  (Visiting professor at Kumamoto University and senior writer for the Kumamoto Daily Newspaper)

Title: The importance of social literacy for researchers: How we can collect information effectively in our information overload period.



Date&Time: 17 Nov.(Fri.) 2017, 13:15-14:45
Venue: Lecture room1 (3F), Medical Education & Library Building



Due to the advent and development of internet, smartphone and social networking service, Japan and world are in the middle of information overload. It is very difficult for many to identify really important information. Newspaper is seen as a declining industry since the circulation has been decreasing. However, Japanese professionals of information collection rather rely on newspaper. Why do they depend on that as a reliable source to gather information? Academic researchers seeking global career need to hone their journalistic information gathering skills and global sense for cross-cultural understanding. In this seminar, I will present some examples of how we can collect significant and meaningful information in the midst of information overflow. I hope this seminar will give Japanese and foreign students some hint to promote their communication.




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