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Governmental Seminar


Speaker:   Kenji Sato (Director of Sado General Hospital)

Title: Building the system of community health care and exploring the establishment of the medical care service: Problems in sharing challenges and addressing them.




Date&Time: 14 Dec.(Thu.) 2017, 13:15-14:45
Venue: Lecture room 2 (3F), General Medical Research Building



The outstanding medical development has extended the average life expectancy. However, medical care system is in danger because of the aging of both patients and medical care staff and severe shortage of resources. Despite increasing importance of cross-facility and profession coordination, functional segregation is the dominant practice within specialists in medical fields. Many tools created for information sharing to promote cross-sectional coordination have shown no noticeable results so far. Those including government staff concerned with cross-profession coordination have just sat down at the meeting table despite the urgent need for coordination. Time is running out. Referring to “Sado Himawari Net” – community health care system – carried out in Sado, this seminar will examine problems when we share challenges and implement countermeasures to address them.

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