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Business Seminar


Speaker: Hirofumi Hashimoto (Auditor, Nihon Unisys, Ltd.)

Title: Business ecosystems: Resolution of social issues beyond existing business categories and industries


Date&Time: 22 Nov.(Thu.) 2018, 13:15-14:45

Venue: Lecture room3 (4F), General Medical Research Building



Due to the evolution of digital technology, ICT business is showing its change from conventional system construction business to service provision business. Apart from the proposal-based and individually-optimized approaches, the overall-optimization approaches based on problem sharing beyond existing business categories are required to resolve social challenges.

Against this background, Nihon Unisys Ltd. employs “Foresight in sight” as its corporate statement. Foresight means farseeing and in sight refers to looking at and examining the Fact of the current condition of AsIs. In sight can be put together to mean insight.

Nihon Unisys Ltd. aims to contribute to society by foreseeing and discerning future, co-innovating new system and resolving social challenges together with you. In order to contribute to creating vigorous future society, we are planning, building and managing business ecosystems that support various business companies and groups to coordinate and co-exist and prosper together by exploiting respective technologies and strengths.

Taking up the example of my home town, Kumamoto, I will present the ideas of the creation of business ecosystems from the perspective of local revitalization or civic pride and how Nihon Unisys Ltd. is promoting itself as a catalyst for business ecosystems.



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