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Governmental Seminar


Speaker: Rameshwar Adhikari (Executive Director, Research Center for Applied Science and Technology (RECAST), Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal)


Title: Promotion of Science and Technology in Nepal: Governmental and Private Sector’s Initiatives and Persisting Challenges


Date&Time: 20 Dec.(Thu.) 2018, 13:15-14:45

Venue:  Miyamoto Memorial Hall, Oe campus, Kumamoto University



Nepal, a country in South Asia, is rich in cultural, ethnic, geographical and biological diversities. The richness embodies the cultural, natural and traditional heritages. In Nepal, there are towns comprising practically all the modern luxuries and facilities available and, at the same time, remote villages which even lack the access to transport and communication. However, there is a great enthusiasm in the new generation to develop research and innovation platforms in both private and public sectors. The universities are striving to incorporate need and local capacity based research areas. The government laboratories are strengthening their environment. In this seminar, I will talk about the current scenario and challenges of research and education in the field of science and technology in Nepal.



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