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Cutting edge Seminar


Speaker: Yoshio Katayama  (Lecturer,  Hematology, Kobe University Hospital)

Title: Post-antibody DrugsIn vitro evolution for molecular-targeting helix-loop-helix peptides



Date&Time: 13 Feb.  (Wed.) 2019, 12:00- 13:00

Venue: Conference Room(1F), IMEG



The hematopoietic organ, bone marrow (BM), is located inside the bone, and the hematopoietic and skeletal tissues contact directly in the endosteal region. We have been working on the mechanism how the BM hematopoiesis is regulated by the skeletal system. Through this activity, we found that bone biology is critically important to explain the phenomena observed in clinical hematology. I would like to introduce the relay of multiple biological factors in different classes (e.g. cytokine, neurotransmitter, lipid mediator, hormone) and cellular players  (e.g. sympathetic nerve, osteoblast, osteocyte, macrophage, neutrophil) that regulates the transient and irreversible distortion of inter-organ network between hematopoietic and skeletal systems.


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