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Cutting edge Seminar


Speaker: Koichi.B Ishikawa (Professor, Department of Healthcare Management, International University of Health and Welfare)

Title:  Medical Big Data for Research Use: Current Status and Related Issues


Date&Time: 24 May.  (Fri.) 2019, 12:00- 13:00

Venue: Conference Room(1F), IMEG



Advances in information technology have mitigated restrictions on handling of large-scale databases and expectations toward the use of such databases, so-called “big data” are growing rapidly. This is also the case in the field of healthcare. National Database of Health Insurance Claims and Specific Health Checkups of Japan (hereafter referred to as NDB) is one of such databases developed and maintained by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. This seminar will outline how NDB is built and used, together with guidance to utilizing the data for research projects.

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