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13:30-15:00 Yoshiharu Nakayama (Y’S READING INC.)


Business Seminar


Speaker: Yoshiharu Nakayama (Y’S READING INC.)

Title: Future of Healthcare IT Innovation: Daring to Change Current Healthcare Practice as a Physician Entrepreneur




Date&Time: 18 July. (Thu.) 2019,  13:30-15:00

Venue: Lecture room3 (4F), Medical Education Library Building, Kumamoto University



Japan’s aging population and declining birthrate will cause current healthcare system to become dysfunctional in near future. It is an urgent need to reconstruct a new society using novel ideas and key innovative technologies like AI and IoT. As a radiologist, I started a tele-imaging company 12 years ago. Currently, we are striving to solve social challenges using healthcare AI and IoT system developments. We are also organizing “Mirai Club” for young students where they can learn about technology, design and entrepreneurship. We are nurturing them to become future human resources to solve social problem with flexible thinking and novel ideas.  In this seminar, I will talk about use of AI and IoT to provide solutions to social problems and personal experience as a Physician Entrepreneur.



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