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Business Seminar


Speaker: Yuri Ishii (Clinical Research Group, Health Science Research Center, Fancl Research Institute, Fancl Corporation)

Title: Evidence Based Supplements~Research and Development of Health Foods


Date&Time: 17 Oct. (Thu.) 2019,  13:15-14:45

Venue: Miyamoto Memorial Hall, Oe campus, Kumamoto University



“Health foods” belong to a category of foods that aims to “maintain and promote proper health and prevent from diseases” by utilizing the action of their active ingredients. Unlike previous health foods which had the image of being “costly and suspicious”, the current regulations require them to be based on strong scientific evidence with reasonable price. In this seminar, I will talk from the view point of a researcher associated with research department focusing on clinical research of FANCL with few examples. I would also like to talk about the society, company systems and current lifestyle from my viewpoint of a childbearing parent.



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