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Business Seminar


Speaker: Takashi Kawazoe (Carepro, Inc.)

Title: Creating a healthcare business to solve social issues


Date&Time: 7 Nov. (Thu.) 2019,  13:15-14:45

Venue: Conference Room(1F), IMEG



During my high school period, I decided my career path and wanted to start a nursing related business. After entering Keio University Faculty of Nursing and Medical care in 2001, and getting trained at Mayo Clinic, USA and work experience at a business consulting company and the University of Tokyo Hospital, I started business in 2007. It was pioneer “one coin health check up service” in Japan and has supported 36 million people covering all 47 prefectures. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, we launched a 24-hour-a-day home visiting nursing station to serve 300,000 evacuees by recruiting fresh graduate nurses.  Currently, we are developing a new business of “Mobility Healthcare” to serve 20 million people with less traffic access.



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