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Governmental Seminar


Speaker: Chikako Miyao  (Director,  Kumamoto Pref. Museum of Art)

Title: Aim High!: How to Become a Valuable Human Resource



Date&Time: 14 Nov. (Thu.) 2019, 13:15-14:45

Venue: Miyamoto Memorial Hall, Oe campus, Kumamoto University



Nine years have passed since the born of Kumamon, a PR character of Kumamoto. Kumamon now assumes the positions of Sales Manager and Happiness Manager of Kumamoto Prefecture. Promotion strategy behind Kumamon and its future growth as a PR character deserve greater attention.


Kumamon has become popular thanks to his persistent efforts, and the best use of SNS and media, as well as broad support. Also, understanding and support from the leadership was crucial for his success. Kumamon has been supported by the spirit of “Don’t be afraid of breaking dishes” meaning that success comes with failure.


This seminar examines qualifications of valuable human resources in the era of ‘Society 5.0’ in which AI and IoT are developing.



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