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講演者: 廣瀬 哲郎(大阪大学大学院生命機能研究科 教授)

演題: Functional dissection of architectural noncoding RNAs in phase separated membraneless organelles


日時: 2020年9月23日(水)12:00-13:00

会場: Zoom開催。URLMoodleの「HIGO最先端セミナー」にてご確認ください。



Specific architectural noncoding RNAs (arcRNAs) have been identified as the structural scaffold of specific membraneless nuclear bodies. We have been studying the molecular mechanism of the arcRNA function by identifying functional domains/elements embedded in the arcRNA sequences as well as the associated RNA-binding proteins. The arcRNAs are capable of building massive nuclear bodies by sequestrating multiple RNA-binding proteins possessing intrinsically disordered regions (IDRs). This process likely proceeds via liquid-liquid phase separation where arcRNA locally concentrates multiple IDR-containing RNA-binding proteins. Interestingly, two distinct mammalian arcRNAs (NEAT1 and HSATIII) play roles in distinct nuclear events through the functions of the sequestrated RNA-binding proteins that recognize the possible elements resided in each arcRNA sequence. Our research goal is to decode the possible “new genetic code” dictating the arcRNA function, which would eventually lead to understand the significance of intracellular phase separation with RNA.



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担当分野:分子生理学分野 富澤 (内線:5050

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