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講演者: 坪内 知美 (基礎生物学研究所 幹細胞生物学研究室 准教授)

演題:Understanding pluripotency: cell cycle, DNA replication and genome maintenance


日時: 2020年11月25日(水)12:00-13:00

会場: Zoom開催。URLMoodleの「HIGO最先端セミナー」にてご確認ください。



Mammalian pluripotent stem (e.g., ES) cells arise only transiently during development, and disappear as they differentiate.  ES cells are unique in various aspects but accumulating evidence suggest that even fundamental cell cycle regulation operate differently in ES cells.

One of the unique features in ES cells is that DNA replication complex migrates slower compared to the differentiated counterpart.  We sought to understand the underlying cause of this slowness and its link to pluripotency and genome maintenance control.  I will share our unpublished results during the seminar.

We are also trying to understand why pluripotency appears to be “locked in” in a fully developed animal.  For this we have developed a tool to track de-differentiation process towards pluripotency, using the cell-fusion system.  I would like to briefly share our results and discuss future perspectives.



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担当分野:幹細胞誘導 江良(内線:6588

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