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(ZOOM Webinar) Kumamoto University HIGO Program 10th Anniversary Symposium


The symposium was concluded with great success.

Thank you very much for your active participation.


※ The HIGO Program 10th Anniversary Symposium will be held online only. 


HIGO Program at Kumamoto University was started 10 years ago with the aim of nurturing graduate students to become future leaders in health sciences in collaboration with governmental and business agencies. In this symposium, we will present the progress of the program and the activities of our graduates. It also includes a special lecture by Mr. Motoharu Kinoshita, Chairman, The Chemo-Sero-Therapeutic Research Institute (KAKETSUKEN).


Date and Time:   2022.2.12 (Sat.) 13:30-16:50(13:00 Registration)

Venue:   ZOOM Webinar   Kumamoto University, Kurokami South Campus, 100th Anniversary Memorial Hall of the Faculty of Engineering(Kumamoto City, Chuo-ku, Kurokami 2-39-1)

Please register to attend the ZOOM Webinar from following link.

※Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Available.



13:00~ Registration


13:30~    Opening remarks

Hisao Ogawa, President of Kumamoto University


13:35~  Introduction to HIGO Program

Teru Ogura, Program Coordinator, HIGO Program


13:50~ Message from the program graduates

■ Masako Shimamoto(Graduate of 2016)

Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST)

Title:  I am a UEA – Not a URA or a UAE –

■ Hirofumi Nohara(Graduate of 2020)

Miyazaki Prefecture Police Headquarters

Title: HIGO Program Graduate as a staff of Forensic Research Laboratory of Police Headquarters

■ Md. Tanvir Islam(Graduate of 2018)

Jashore University of Science and Technology

Title: HIGO Program: An Incubator of Glocal Leader

■ Ayumi Mukunoki (Graduate of 2020)

Nihon Keiei Group

Title: Researcher-Turned-Consultant—Career Development Through Research and HIGO Program Activities


15:00~ 10th Anniversary from the view point of specially appointed teachers

■ Satoshi Ishida (2013.5-2016.3 Assistant Professor, HIGO Program)

Lecturer, University of Nagasaki

Title: Looking Back on the Leading Program—Has the Value of a Doctoral Degree Changed in the Past 10 Years Since I Received a Doctorate? 

■ Kahoko Umeda

Lecturer, Headquarters for Admissions and Education, Kumamoto University

Title: Venture into a New Form of Doctoral Education: During and After the HIGO Era


15:40~ Special Lecture

Title: Visions Expressed in the OH! 120 Newsletter

Motoharu Kinoshita, Chairman, The Chemo-Sero-Therapeutic Research Institute (KAKETSUKEN)


16:40~  Closing remarks

Kazuya Yamagata, Dean, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kumamoto University



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