What are the features of HIGO Program?
1.Specially programmed to enhance social skills and knowledge on administrative, business, intellectual property management and media, while polishing up advanced expertise and research competency in Medical, Pharmaceutical, Life Science fields.
2.Internships are designed to nurture problem-solution-finding skills in governmental, business scenes, home and abroad.
3.Local government (Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamoto City), business/international bodies kindly back us up to grow leaders who could contribute to the glocal (global/local) world.
What’s unique about the HIGO curriculum?
“Principles of Social and Cultural Sciences”, “Governmental and Business Seminars”, “Language Training Courses”, “Governmental, Business and Overseas Internships” and “Career Vision Development Courses”.
Give me the idea of “Principles of Social and Cultural Sciences”.
The Compulsory subject should be taken in the 1st year of Basic course and 4-year Course. Bioethics, Public Policy, Organizational Management at a basic level, which construct the foundation for studying one of the succeeding 3 subjects (Cross-cultural Communication, Public Policy, Technology and Organizational Management) of Career Vision Development Course.
What contents do “Governmental and Business Seminars” offer?
Realistic activities in governmental and business scenes are unveiled by front-runners from relevant area. Students are expected, while visualizing their future career, to realize the actuality of local/global needs, and grow the sense of responsibility, along with flexible availability.
1.Governmental Seminars invite lecturers from diversified fields and parts of the world.
Logically and pragmatically, professionals from local and national healthcare, welfare, administrative sphere guide students to view social issues like public policy from wide range of perspective, while experts from World Bank, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders and other international institutions show how the contribution to the world should be.2.Business Seminars illuminate the way Health Life Science can be applied to the society as well as the spirits essential for entrepreneurship, ignited by leading figures in Health Life Science related firms, local organizations, and globally well recognized bodies from East Asia and the rest of the world.
How are the “Language Training Courses” performed?
Native speakers will develop your language skill, indispensable for you to play an active role glocally, especially in Asia. English and Chinese lessons for Japanese students, English and Japanese lessons for foreign students will be provided.
What’s taught in “Career Vision Development Courses (I, II)”?
Based on the accomplishment done in governmental, business seminars, and internships, it develops practical ability and human networking for future careers. Students select one of 3 courses listed below;
1.”Cross-cultural Communication I, II”—develops communication skill and cross-cultural understanding, with foreigners and Japanese mixed in groups.
2.”Technology and Organizational Management I, II”—offers theory needed for healthcare organization management – health economics, decision-making, risk management, and pragmatic skill to materialize technology commercialization.
3.”Public Policy “I, II”—employs cross-national comparison to acquire political / governmental basic knowledge, and provides skill and knowledge about policy analysis and policy-making process for the solution of the contemporary, glocal and political issues.
When can I take “Career Vision Development Course”?
Students enrolled in Basic Course of Graduate School of Medical Sciences can take it in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year of Advanced Course, and students enrolled in Basic Course of Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences can take it in the 1st or 2nd year of Advanced Course, while those who enrolled in 4-year Course take in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year.
What degree can I take?
“Master of Health Life Science”, in both Graduate Schools of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, when you complete the Master Course and be qualified. “Doctor of Philosophy in Health Life Science” is confered to a qualified doctoral course student in both Graduate Schools of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, basically, but if you strongly hope to get the other kind of degree instead, you can take one of; “Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Science” “Doctor of Philosophy in Life Sciences” in Graduate School of Medical Sciences, “Doctor of Pharmacy” or “Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences” in accordance with your specialization in Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. “HIGO Program” would be additionally scribed onto the diploma.
What are procedures for thesis review in the HIGO Program ?
Before submitting Ph.D. Thesis, Research Report on Social Cultural Sciences (accomplishment in Internships, Career Vision Development Course and others) in Advanced or 4-year Course should be presented. After approved by each faculty council, she/he will be allowed to submit the Ph.D. Thesis.
What kind of experts does the HIGO Program envisage?
The HIGO Program fosters leaders who can apply their cutting-edge Life Science knowledge and technologies to the Asian and regional glocal societies’ industrial, educational, administrative fields. Your potential and dream will be respected, and be encouraged to be a “Next Generation Leader” that leads glocal health/medical services, business in Asia, education and research, as a “Pioneer in Health Life Science.”
Is it possible to take only Master Course?
Master and Doctoral education is done as a unified, consecutive program. Completion of Master’s degree only is not basically permitted.
No need for HIGO students to undergo Master Thesis review?
As HIGO students belong to Graduate School of Medical Sciences or Pharmaceutical Sciences, they should fulfill the completion requirements, which include Master Thesis assessment. In addition, before presenting Master Thesis, Research Report on Social and Cultural Sciences (e.g. internships) should pass the assessment.
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