Designed to deepen understanding of social reality and what's actually needed there,
and to develop problem-solving abilities,
by getting into the heart of domestic and global business/governmental platforms.

On-site study on welfare, public health, environmental resources, circulating society, bio-diversity, ecological theory and other administrative operations motivate students to strive for pragmatic skills and the sense of professionalism and responsibility, while intensifying academic pursuit.

Mastery of corporate philosophy, compliances, management, planning, social/local contribution, adequate response to social demands, and other state-of-the-art business strategies are generously introduced to help students construct adaptability to the ever-changing environment, as well as capability to address practical affairs, from a viewpoint bilaterally (global-local) applicable.

Studies, trainings, observations at international institutions – governments, corporates, universities – enable students to upgrade their competency to find and/or solve problems with local/global background, and to perform communication and negotiation effectively in the global arena.

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