■Message from the President of Kumamoto University

HIGO Program (Health life science: Interdisciplinary and Glocal Oriented), adopted in FY2012, fosters healthcare/specific experts with forefront knowledge and skills for health promotion and disease control, as well as capability to grasp the kernel of problems and needs in glocal (global+local) society.

We are proud to send forth the next generation leaders in healthcare and its administrations, in businesses around Asia, in academic fields with glocally interactive attitude, empowered by transdisciplinary education and research instruction, along with distinctive seminars and internships, all arranged to fortify the eminent Degree Program.


■Message from the Program Director
Professor, Graduate School of Medical Sciences


Highly specialized scientific skills and knowledge have been developed in the graduate schools of sciences. The ever-transforming global scenes, however, require students to understand social reality in hands-on approach, and be capable of solving the actual problems, not just confined in a specific field.


Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has thus started the “Program for Leading Graduate Schools” since FY2011, in the aim of fostering industrial/governmental/academic, globally competent leaders with panoramic vision and innovative ideas, elaborately formed within master-doctoral consecutive education program.


HIGO was adopted in FY2012, as a new type (Multidisciplinary: Life & Health) Program for Leading Graduate Schools. It features “Training Pioneers in Glocal (Global+Local) Health Life Sciences” and strives to develop splendid humanity with sophisticated specialization as well as responsiveness to social needs and problems in Kyushu/Asia, applying solutions for regional/global issues in bilateral manner.


To construct the broad-view curriculum, Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences collaborate with Social & Cultural Sciences and Center for Policy Studies, additionally receiving generous support from Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamoto City, regional administrative and industrial leaders.


HIGO Program focuses on: 1. Academy, Government, Industry Collaboration 2. Overseas Internships built on our Asian Network 3. Well-balanced Humanity Development empowered by Social & Cultural Sciences in addition to State-of the-art Scientific Studies.


I sincerely hope that lots of students can materialize their dreams in the future. May they be the glocal-minded leaders in the next generation of Health Life Science, and create a better world for us to live in.

■Message from the Program Coordinator
Specially-appointed professor, Faculty of Life Sciences


Dramatic growth of Asian economy increasingly evokes trans-border business endeavor including Japan. For our brighter future, unity of entire Asia is surely most needed. Our HIGO Program nurtures Health Life Science vanguards equipped with both scientific and general knowledge. They should respond to inter-Kyushu-Asian social/industrial needs, and it would be enabled only by unprecedented “Glocal (Global+Local)” approach. Our ultimate goal is to produce competent leaders who (1) promote Asian businesses (2) contribute to healthcare management (3) deserve a great achievement in global research/educational scenes.


Thanks to the generous and kind support by business/governmental front-runners and institutions, internships and seminars have been successfully implemented, where diversified issues inspire students to contemplate the problems and try to find solutions. “Bilateral (Glocal) Approach” evolved in the process, that is, a solution that solved a local problem can be applied to a problem of international scale and vice versa. What we’ve learnt from Minamata pollution in Kumamoto could help solve global environmental issues, while public health related tactics at global organizations like WHO and the World Bank can be employed to improve local conditions in Kyushu, Asia. We sincerely hope the students from our Program will build cooperative relationship with people involved and confront the problems in Kyushu, Asia, and all over the world, so that they would one day become reliable leaders.


Cross-cultural atmosphere with diversified nationalities here is now stimulating high-spirited students to fly high beyond borders, to be “Next Generation Leaders from Health Life Science” and open up a new horizon for the world. Program supervisors, assisting tutors and staffs are all united to exert utmost efforts to provide every possible opportunity to the students, working with industrial/governmental bodies, to foster leading figures in business, administrative, academic spheres home and abroad. Let me express my deepest gratitude towards all the supporters for the warm understanding and unstinting assistance to HIGO Program and its students.

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