About the program

■New Wave for Doctoral Education
 -For Future Leaders in Health Life Science-

Ever-growing economic trend in contemporary Asia is now featuring healthcare sphere. Good news for scientific experts, but in reality, specialized knowledge alone might not help one be both competitive and collaborative in this multifaceted part of the world, with diversified cultures and social situations. Here, HIGO offers a platform that develops promising professionals equipped with “Health Life Science” expertise as well as socially required skills to cope with realistic and site-specific problems flexibly in comprehensive manner with Glocal (Global + Local) perspective.
Leaders Nurtured in HIGO will:
・Effectively Deal with Administrative Work on Health/Medicine/Pharmacy
・Commit Themselves to the Development of Asian Health Life Science Businesses
・Contribute to Global Health Life Science Education/Research

■Student-Centered Program

1.Multi-Mentor System

Specially appointed mentors individually respond to each student’s needs to construct effective Program together. “Mid-term Interview” in the Doctoral 2nd year confirms progresses on curriculums, research and seeks to materialize career options.


2.Special Meeting Room

“HIGO Room” accommodates HIGO Students for general meetings, Internship preparations, discussions and English Meeting offered by our Mentor with global background.

■Curriculum that helps build up brilliant future

1.Health Life Science

Special subjects (lectures, lab rotations, cutting-edge projects/seminars) provide wide range of knowledge on Health Life Science, covering both Graduate Schools.


2.Social and Cultural Sciences

・Inter-disciplinary approach, with help of Graduate School of Society and Culture as well as Center for Policy Studies, enables students to acquire broad view on social/historical/cultural diversity and demands in Asia, needless to say the expertise of their own fields.
・Basic study is done in “Principles of Social and Cultural Sciences”, with further development in Career Development Course, where students can select 1 of 3 subject-groups that most fit their future vision.
・Report and presentation on Social and Cultural Sciences are required, before submitting research thesis, in order to acquire Master and/or Doctoral degree.


3.Business/Governmental Seminar

・Lectures invited from diverse fields, industrial/administrative leaders and entrepreneurs rom home and abroad, show universal knowledge, requirements for glocal leaders, as well as advise on career path.

:Seminar & Symposium ⇒Here.


4.Internship – On-site Study at Business/Governmental Institutions, Local/Global

・A wide array of Internships are arranged by tutors and students, with the occasional support by Kumamoto-Shanghai Office, cooperatively organized with Kumamoto Prefecture and Kumamoto City.
・Discover Glocal theme that should be focused (regional healthcare/MInamata Disease/public health) and even suggest policies, business plans, while attaining trans-professional skills.
・On-Site study and encounter with world top runners enable students to envisage their ideal goal, specifically illustrating target nation, region, and work field. On-Demand student-centered Internship further help cultivating the way towards really adequate glocal leadership

:Internship ⇒here.

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