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発生・再生医学研究者育成コース「発生・再生医学演習 I」発表会

タイトル: Social background, basic research and clinical application of regenerative medicine in several organs and tissues



日時: 6月22日(水) 12:00-13:00

会場: 発生医学研究所1階 カンファレンス室





賀来祐介(Yusuke Kaku)(腎臓発生学分野)

眞下容子(Yoko Mashimo)(神経内科学分野)

Md. Fakruddin(分子生理学分野)

村上陽一(Youichi Murakami)(腎臓発生学分野)



In recent years, many innovative studies have been reported in the field of regenerative medicine. As there are millions of patients who are suffering from incurable diseases and waiting for new treatments, social expectation for research in this field increased over time. However, for the clinical application of our basic research, there are still important problems yet to be solved. We here review the literatures to know the current status of regenerative medicine for clarifying the underlying problems.

Section 1: Hair follicles

Section 2: Neural tissues

Section 3: Skeletal muscle tissues

Section 4: Cardiac muscle tissues

Through these sections, we describe the social background, normal development, basic research and possible clinical application in each field. The common problems associated with clinical application are the safety and efficacy. As a necessary requirement for clinical trials, treatments should not be harmful to the patients. Moreover, the clinical trials should show the superiority over the current treatments and other cutting-edge treatments being studied, such as transplantation medicine, gene therapy and so on. To solve these problems, we suggest that more strict assessment of the authenticity of induced cells or tissues as well as the improvement of current inducing protocol will be necessary in the next several years.



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