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講演者: 井上 尊生 (Associate Professor of Cell Biology, Cell Dynamics, Pharmacology, Biological Science and Biomedical Engineering Johns Hopkins University)

演題: Toward Total Synthesis of cell function and its biomedical application



日時: 6月20日(月) 16:30-17:30
会場: 発生医学研究所1階 カンファレンス室

担当分野: 生体機能分子合成学分野 大塚 雅巳


Signaling events in cells are localized and rapid. My scientific research career to date has focused on understanding how the complex signaling gives rise to intricate cellular functions in response to intrinsic and extrinsic cues. Toward this end, we have established a series of molecular sensors and actuators that enabled visualization and manipulation of target signal transduction at high spatioteompral precision. Integrated use of these molecular probes toward multitask signaling molecules in different biological contexts “deconstructed” how cells achieve sophisticated information processing using a finite set of signaling molecules within a confined space. I will recapitulate these previous studies as well as ongoing works in an emerging field termed Synthetic Cell Biology where we explore “construction” of dynamic cell functions using artificial cells, along with their biomedical application to develop a novel cell-based therapy.



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