■株式会社 同仁化学研究所 2020.10.19- 10.22



■目 的

To gain the knowledge about marketing and communication skill needed in a business organization. Thus, improving leadership ability.

■内 容

It was four days online internship program. Internship activities can be summarized as three step process: learning, discussion, and application. We learnt fundamentals of business management and marketing concepts and terminologies such as PDCA (Plan, Do, Check and Act), 4P (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) and AIDMA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Memory, Action). Each of these concepts and its combinations are extremely useful to have a steady benefit of the company. Later, we were given two tasks to use this concept in the field. The first task was to improve and design an existing online web advertisement content for a DOJINDO product called CCK 8 where we proposed our ideas how to make the website more attractive for costumers in other countries. We also made an online web promotion design for a DOJINDO product. The second task was to do a research regarding the market potential of DOJINDO products in Thailand and Malaysia as next overseas ventures for company. Finally, we presented my work and had a deep discussion for improvement.

This internship was very interactive, effective and unique to learn about business environment in Japan and the overseas expansion of Japanese companies. We had a good understanding of business marketing concepts and how to apply in the field. Finally, we thank all the members of DOJINDO Laboratories and HIGO program for this wonderful arrangement.


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