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講演者: スマナ・バルア博士 (星槎大学・卓越教授 / 元WHOハンセン病対策官)

演題: Local passion towards global contribution: Our participation in addressing prevention and control initiatives during the global pandemic

日時: 2022年7月8日(金)15:00-16:30

開催場所: Zoom

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” HIGO企業・行政セミナー/ HIGO Business and Governmental Seminar”でご確認ください。


Appropriate training of human resources for health who will eventually serve the underserved communities with a view to improving health care accessibility has been one of the biggest challenges, for decades, among the local and national health authorities in countries, as well as among the international partner organizations.

By showing slides taken during his activities in a number of Asian countries, a former Community Health Worker will explain how his passion to serve such communities led him towards serving a global program. To encourage the students and the graduate students, the presentation will also explain how each one of us can actively participate in addressing prevention and control initiatives during the global pandemic.



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