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※ 今回のセミナーは英語での開催です。

講演者: 藤田 雅美(国立研究開発法人国立国際医療研究センター 国際医療協力局 運営企画部 保健医療協力課長)      

演題:   HIV, Migrant Health, SDGs and beyond: A career case


日時: 2022年12月16日(金)15:00- 16:30


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The presenter will share his 30 years of experiences in global health as a career case. These include his work on HIV as JICA expert in Thailand and as WHO medical officer in the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar, followed by his attempt to respond to migrant health issues in his home country and envision the glocal endeavor to address global crises since his “discovery” of SDGs.



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