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講演者:  岸田  晶夫(東京医科歯科大 物質医工学分野   教授)

演題: Decellularized biological tissue as a novel biomaterial



日時: 2023年5月17日(水)12:00- 13:00

※ Zoom開催。URLはMoodleの「HIGO最先端セミナー」にてご確認ください。



Autologous tissue is one of the ideal materials for tissue regeneration. Since decellularized tissues have the same structural and mechanical properties as living tissues, they are considered to be the second-best option for application. Decellularized human tissues, such as dermis, heart valves, and blood vessels, have already been developed and applied clinically. On the other hand, decellularized tissues from xenobiotic animals, such as pigs and cows, have attracted attention as a substitute for human tissues and as a biomaterial for preservation. These decellularized tissues have been prepared by various techniques such as detergent washing, enzyme treatment, and freeze-thaw methods. We have developed a novel decellularization method using high hydrostatic pressure (HHP). Decellularized tissues are biocompatible, have the same mechanical properties as living tissues, and have a high regenerative capacity.
In this lecture, I will present our recent attempts to develop new types of medical devices using decellularized tissues and the mystery of the excellent biological properties of decellularized tissues.



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