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講演者:  青木 航(大阪大学 大学院工学研究科 教授)

演題: Exploring the boundary between matter and life through a constitutive understanding of the ribosomal self-replication process


日時: 2023年9月27日(水)12:00- 13:00

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Ribosome biogenesis, a recursive process of pre-existing ribosomes self-replicating nascent ones, is pivotal in the self-replication of life. In Escherichia coli, three ribosomal RNAs (rRNAs) are transcribed, and 54 ribosomal proteins (r-proteins) are synthesized by pre-existing ribosomes as structural components. They are cotranscriptionally assembled in a cooperative hierarchy under the support of dozens of accessory factors. The reconstitution of ribosome biogenesis outside a living cell is an essential goal to understand the self-replication of life. However, this goal could not have been achieved so far due to its complexity. Here, we report the successful in vitro reconstitution of the ribosome biogenesis process. We hypothesized that mimicking in vivo ribosome biogenesis could result in in vitro ribosome biogenesis. Specifically, we found that coactivating the transcription of an rRNA operon, as well as the transcription and translation of 54 r-protein genes, and the coordinated ribosomal assembly in a cytoplasm-mimicking reaction solution, resulted in highly efficient in vitro reconstitution of ribosome biogenesis. Our achievement represents a critical step toward revealing fundamental principles underlying the self-replication of life and creating self-replicating artificial cells. The ability of the in vitro ribosome biogenesis to autonomously assemble ribosomes from DNA will facilitate the high-throughput and unconstrained creation of artificial ribosomes with altered or enhanced functionalities.




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